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"The Greenest Way to the Cleanest Water"

The Concept

Once we had our Triton units making excellent tasting water, the next logical step was to bottle it. That's exactly what we did when we announced Air2Water Bottling Plants (ABP) earlier this year. With many jurisdictions clamping down on reverse osmosis (RO) water bottling plant systems due to their negative environmental impact, the stage was set for the introduction of Air2Water Bottling Plants. With media stories casting a dark cloud over the quality of bottled water sold around the world, people were ready for bottled water they could trust. Our bottling plant water is not filtered tap water, its water generated from nature's source, the humidity in the air. No more questioning the quality of the water in your bottle. You can trust ABP water to be of consistently high quality with excellent taste. In fact, our bottled water plants can add minerals and flavors to water more naturally because the quality of the water is scientifically monitored to ensure quality and balance.

At the core of our bottling plants are our Triton 150 industrial atmospheric water generation (AWG) plants capable of generating more than 3000 gallons per day, per unit. Typical bottling plant capacities range from 45,000 to 102,000 x 500ml/16.9oz bottles per day. Our partnership with Norland Industries, America's finest bottling plant equipment manufacturers and Planet's Green Bottle, the exclusive distributor of Oxo-biodegradable plastic using Reverte technology, means that Air2Water Bottling Plants are leading the way in quality and environmental conscientiousness. Air2Water bottling plants don't deplete any surface or ground water sources and don't deposit harmful waste into the environment.

The Economics

Air2Water Bottling plants are competitive with spring water sources for cost and quality. Our water may not be the cheapest bottled water available, however like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Our water quality is consistent and excellent quality 24/7 x 365. Our bottle designers make sure that your bottle is not only Oxo-biodegradable but also attractive and competitive. Our bottled water is the best advertising for our home/office AWGs, and machine distributor's team-up with bottling plant owners to promote their products together. Our water source is not only independent, but cost of production is something you can plan because you control the water source.

Talk to an Air2Water sales associate today to get an electronic work-sheet to assist you in evaluating how profitable an Air2Water Bottling Plant can be in your community. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the business opportunity.

The Environment

Air2Water Triton units can be powered using wind and solar technology to supplement energy from the grid and make the bottling plants even greener. Oxo-biodegradable Plastic Bottles (OBP) has a shelf-life of over two years and is compatible with PET recycling programs. The OBP bottles begin to breakdown in under 5 years and completely revert back to carbon within 15 years. Combined with wind and solar energy solutions, Air2Water Bottling Plants are the future in bottling fresh tasting water and having the lowest environmental impact possible.

The Quality of Water

As we said, there is no waste water, no chlorine and no feed water quality to worry about. San Antonio Testing Laboratory Inc. said "that in over 16 years of water analysis, Triton water is without a doubt, the purest water we have ever tested." Our bottling plants can have water re-mineralized to your specifications. You can even bottle flavored water and vitamin water more effectively than ever because the water is of excellent quality to start with and formulate to meet the discerning tastes in your market.

Air2Water Bottling Plant Joint-Venture

Every Air2Water Bottling Plant is a joint venture between the licensee and Air2Water. Air2Water provides license to our patented technology, know-how, bottling plant design, installation and commissioning expertise, and ongoing technical and marketing service and support. The Air2Water Bottling Plant is the complete package

  • A High Quality Independent Water Source
  • A Green Process and a Green Bottle
  • Oxo-Bottle and Label Design Services
  • Bottling Plant Set-up and Operations Experience
  • Service & Technical Support Centers around the World
  • Referral Commissions from Air2Water Home/Office Resellers