Dolphin 2

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The Dolphin 2 is the result of extensive development and testing to bring to market the first home/office AWG using a Ozone Corona Discharge system. This process activates periodically to completely purify the water as it is brought through a 3-stage multi filter array to the top tank, always insuring the purest water.

The first filter is a Sediment Filter that removes all particles, including iron, and sediment from the water, be it either water coming from a well or municipal water supplied through the tap feature of the Dolphin 2.

The second filter is a solid carbon block filter with a mineral replacement. This filter insures great tasting water without any odors and replaces minerals that make the water taste sweet, like spring water. The filter also acts as a barrier for other metals and particles that are unwanted.

The third filter is an Ultra Filtration Bacteria/Cyst & Spore/Reduction Filter to 99.9999% Ultra Filtration. It is the most advanced filtration process to create pure clean drinking water.

Economy: Your Dolphin 2 makes pure clean drinking water for pennies a day (compare to bottled water). Having approximately five gallons of water to dispense whenever you need it, the Dolphin 2 only runs to keep the water at a full level, at which point only periodic Ozone purification process occurs, keeping electrical costs at a minimum.


  • Ozone Purification
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Three filter water treatment with Calcite mineral regeneration for great taste.
  • Ambient and Cold (* Ultra Cold water)
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Point of Use Filtration Available
  • Electrostatic Air Filter
  • Water Cooler Size Foot Print
  • Award Winning Design
  • Stainless Steel Storage Tank
  • Large Dispensing Area for Water Bottles or Pitchers
  • Easy to Clean Surface
  • Easy to Move w/ Roller Wheels and Three Hand Holds
  • Collection Tank is Dishwasher Safe
  • Ozone Tested EPA Standard Safe

Specifications at a glance

  • More than 6.5 gallons per day at 77F and 65%RH
  • Less than 500 watts at peak power consumption
  • Ozone technology for excellent water quality
  • More than a liter per hour in water productions
  • Almost 5 gallons total storage
  • Dispenses cold at 40F

Detailed Specifications

Power Source: 100V √ 110V √ 220V √

Power Consumption: > 500 Watts - 5 Watts in Standby

Working Temperature Range: 18C/65F to 35C/95F

Humidity Range: 35% to 95% RH

Storage capacity: 18L (4.76 USG)

Available For Dispensing: 5.1L/1.34 USG

Ambient Dispensing: Room Temperature and Ultra Cold Dispensing (40F/4.4C)

Noise: < 55 dB

Ozone Sanitizer tested to EPA standards

Filter Types: Ultra-filtration, Calcite and Carbon

Re-Circulation: Yes

Municipal Mode Kit: Filter 15L/4USG per hour from water line-in

L * W * H372mm * 437mm * 1110mm
 14.646in * 17.205in * 43.701in
Net weight37.8kg
Gross weight40kg

Water Production

6.7 gallons / 25.4 Liters per day at 25C and 65%RH