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Air2Water - Cooking Applications

I bet you never thought that your favorite dish would taste better just by adding sparkling clear water! Use the Air2Water water generating machine to improve the taste and texture of your:

  • Soups
    Right from the first taste, you'll notice the difference that Air2Water clean water makes to your favorite soups. Your friends and family will be back asking for another delicious bowl of your flavor-rich signature soups!

  • Most Recipes
    Water is a key ingredient in many recipes, and as such should play a neutral role, not adding any foreign flavors or chlorine smell to your food. Air2Water is as clean as a mountain dewdrop, and allows the natural tastes of your favorite dishes to come through. Once you start cooking with clean water, you'll never go back to tap water for your cooking needs.

  • Pasta and Rice
    Both pasta and rice are boiled in water as part of the cooking process. Impure water can not only leave a taste in your pasta and rice, but also leave a residue in the food. Air2Water clean water is the answer. Your pasta and rice will be firmer and more flavorful, with more of the natural taste every chef seeks.