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Everyday Uses

Air2Water - Everyday Uses

Steam Irons

Appliances usually last longer using clean water. They also create less residue, meaning that you won't get those awful flushes on your favorite clothes when you are in the middle of ironing and trying to get out the door on time.

Clothes Steamers

The same holds true for steamers. Whether you are steaming a special outfit or your drapery, you'll worry less about residue buildup and spotting.

Facial Saunas

Clean water is the best cleanser for healthy skin. By using Air2Water clean water to clean your face, you'll ensure that your skin gets a break from the ongoing exposure to airborne pollutants.

Foot Baths

Your feet will notice the difference when you take a footbath in chemical and pollutant-free water. Your skin will absorb clean Air2Water, making your feet healthier and happier.

House Plants

Give all your houseplants the opportunity to be healthier too. Don't bombard them with all the additives and chemicals in tap water. You'll notice healthier, happier and fuller foliage with continued use of Air2Water clean water. Don't forget about your outside plants as well! It's a good idea to give your delicate garden plants a break from the chemicals and pollutants resident in your tap water.