Infant/Family Health

Air2Water - Infant/Family Health Applications

Baby Formula

The addition of water is a key ingredient in many baby formulas. To protect growing infants water needs to be free from harmful contaminants, as important defense systems that help protect adults from disease are not yet fully developed in newborns.

Children are much more sensitive to carcinogens, lead and waterborne parasites. In the same way medications and other chemical compounds affect children differently than adults, so to do contaminants in our air, drinking water and foods. There may be little we can do about toxins in the air or chemicals in our foods, but your source of water can be certain with the Air2Water system. The body uses water to flush out toxins and uncontaminated water enhances this process. Ensure that your children are always drinking the best water available.

Clean Drinking Water

Clean water is a cornerstone for the health of human beings. Doctors recommend that infants should drink at least 4 to 5 glasses of water per day; adults 8-10 glasses.

Mixtures of chemicals such as chlorine, lead, herbicides, pesticides and a host of other contaminants are commonly found in our water supplies, often in bottled and filtered waters. Trace levels of water borne chemicals have been documented to have adverse health effects on humans, and especially on small children. Safeguard against impurities in the drinking water that you and your family need with an Air2Water AWG unit.