The Air2Water Team

Air2Water LLC

Mike Klein - CEO
Michael Klein is an entrepreneur who has over the past 25 years owned and operated dozens of businesses in many diverse fields. Michael has been responsible for several multi-million dollar enterprises, and has been hired by numerous companies as an operational and financial capitalization consultant.

Glen Hamilton - Senior Executive Vice President
Glen Hamilton has been the catalyst in our management team for the past 4.5 years. He has 40 years of business experience, including 12 years as an IT company CEO. He is responsible for executing the company's sales, distribution and marketing plan. He also looks after IT, including the company website and new CRM/ERP system. In his role, he is active in negotiating distribution agreements worldwide, managing the distribution channel and overseeing product supply.

Peter M. Feldman - CFO
Peter M. Feldman is a retired telecommunications industry marketing executive, a product marketing consultant, and public affairs expert. He is also a Captain in the Navy Reserve. He has retired twice from Southwestern Bell. They asked him to return after his first retirement to direct company-wide business-to-business advertising and marketing

Frank J. Longo - President
Frank J. Longo, is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Business Administration and Business Finance, and an LLB. Frank is a practicing attorney specializing in business contracts and litigation and is a partner with Longo & Longo, LLP. He has over 5 years of experience in developing and marketing widely diversified products, representing and consulting numerous companies over the years.

Lawrence M. Longo - Vice President
Lawrence M. Longo, is a practicing attorney with over 30 years of litigation experience. He was a former Deputy District Attorney for the city of Los Angeles and is now a partner in the firm of Longo & Longo, LLP. He has been a consultant to several companies for the development and marketing of their products. He has a bachelor of Arts from the University of Loyola.

Jose J. Diaz - Technical Support Manager
Jose has been a member of the Air2Water team since becoming the distributor for Puerto Rico in 2005. Air2Water's green goals & innovative products made for a perfect fit for what Jose was looking for in a business opportunity. With Jose's background as an electrical contractor and his extensive experience with atmospheric water generation technology he was the perfect fit to be appointed Air2Water's Technical Support Manager in 2010. His problem solving skills and common sense approach to trouble-shooting means that Air2Water distributors and dealers worldwide have a resource they can count on when it comes to diagnosing and servicing Air2Water equipment.

Francis C. Forsberg - Inventor
Francis C. Forsberg is a former Navy aviator who retired as a Captain before completing a second career in the aerospace industry. He was CEO of an injection molding company and also plant manager of international exporting company. He is the principal inventor of the patented Worldwide Water technolgy and has developed additional technology in other fields.

Clayton Colbert - Inventor
Clayton C. Colbert has over 10 years experience as a general contractor and designer. He has numerous licenses including licenses in electrical engineering and heating and air conditioning. He is the primary engineer in the mechanical functions and overall design of the present water generator. He has filed a new patent in the water-generating field with co-inventor Frank C. Forsberg.