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Air2Water - Government & Military Applications

Keep the people protecting your nation healthy and strong by providing them with the highest quality drinking water available! Air2Water AWG equipment has demonstrated potential in assisting governmental agencies and military establishments with a reliable source of quality drinking water.


One Air2Water AWG unit can provide enough clean water to fulfill the daily drinking requirements of up to 25 adults. Send a message to your employees and visitors that you care about them. Healthy employees are happier and more productive. Don't take risks, have Air2Water clean water available in your workplace.

Air2Water water generation units are portable enough to be installed in foreign assignment locations where finding a supply of quality potable water can be a challenge. Air2Water clean water reduces the risk of exposure to waterborne disease and infection that affects many second and third world countries. By installing Air2Water Atmospheric Water Generators in foreign missions and remote locations, you are helping to ensure that the health and well being of employees around the world is being guarded.

Governments providing aid and health care assistance to underdeveloped regions of the world now have the opportunity to introduce Air2Water water generation units to hospitals and schools in cities, towns and villages where potable water is not readily available. From field hospitals served with power from generators, to kitchens serving meals to hungry refugees, the Air2Water Atmospheric Water Generator can reduce health risks and help restore confidence quickly.

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The Air2Water water generation equipment can be a key piece of equipment for supporting military personnel in the field by providing them with a secure and safe source of clean drinking water. All that is required to supply clean water to your personnel is a reliable source of power (110v, 220v or 400v 50 or 60Hz). The Air2Water Atmospheric Water Generator does the rest by pulling moisture from the air, purifying it through a patented ultraviolet filtration system, and chilling the resulting clean water for consumption. The military version, the RuggedAir2Water unit features an impact-resistant shell and special impact resistant inner foam encasement that allows the unit to go where other water machines prove too fragile.
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  For more information on applications of our technology, please fill out following contact form, and one of our corporate sales representatives will be pleased to contact you.
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